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We are pleased to introduce our Online Pharmcy Store called, which is mostly into the women’s health involving products called abortion pills widely to end an early and unwanted pregnancy. Here, we have come up with the drugs called mifepristone that aids thrash down the early pregnancy not proceeding more than 49 days. This medicine is prescribed for the early pregnancy not for the pregnancy in a while. It’s a medical process to terminate the pregnancy without going any surgical procedure. It is the pills that lump progesterone, a certainly formed hormone that create the coating of the uterus for an inseminated egg and aids uphold pregnancy. Devoid of progesterone the pregnancy fails to last and the surface of the uterus turns soft, which breakdowns in the form of vaginal bleeding. Mifepristone is monitored by a prostglandid that contract the uterus and aids complete procedure. The prescribed medicine aids kill the embryo and stop its formation tuning into a fetus. You further need to go for secondary medication process, which is also available on our site. Mifepristone is to kill the pregnancy egg and misoprostol helps wipe out the embryo completely. Both supposed to be practiced in the early age of pregnancy. It’s a safe abortion therapy can be performed at home securely and privately.

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We have all the medicine approved by USFDA holding reasonable price comparing with others. We are one of the leading and outstanding working sites of online pharmacy holds vast product of abortion pills (RU486, MIFEPREX, CYTOTEC, YASMIN, NuvaRing, LOETTE, MIFEGEST, PLAN B ONE, OVRAL (L-G), etc.) with good quality, quantity and activeness. You will get on time delivery, 100% contentment and positive reaction of the drugs. Due to our exceptional and pleasing service most of the consumer has become our retained customer.

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You will get us 24x7 into your service to clear your doubt and to give you valid information. You can get in touch with us anytime and you will get the assurance of the positive result related to any medicine purchased from this site. We are here to accomplish the need of the customer according to their wish. We are not into any false drug suppliers; you can trust us blindly; since, we have all the drugs USFDA permitted.

Boon of using Mifepristone

Medical abortion has become easy and frequent now a days. The boons are:

  • Privacy
  • Non-surgical process
  • No use of equipment
  • None involvement of second person
  • Can be done at home secretly
  • No risk of the surgical procedure
  • Cheap in cost
  • Easily affordable
  • 100% working

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